I think the whole media hype has died down and if he obviously were to get signed and informed on his new role, the media would damn well know he's not going to compete with Eli. I feel bad for Tebow and how that clown organization called the "Jets" did to him. I really wish this guy would be given the chance to play..it's not his fault that the media was all over him, he wasn't a cancer or someone who always tried to get attention like T.O. or Chad Johnson.

We didn't draft a TE and the TE's we have are more of the Howard Cross type rather than the deep/vertical threat that Tebow can posses. Putting someone in like Tebow will automatically take pressure off of our WRs I believe. I know we signed that stud from the Raiders, but it'd be nice to have a second TE who can open the pass game. I know we also have Robinson, but we can use Tebow in multiple positions (no not at QB) from FB, TE to WR. Imagine putting him in on WR screen plays, him lighting up CB and pancaking them while Hakeem Nicks takes it to the house.

I'm not saying we should sign him, I'm just putting it out there.,.it's a slow day, it's gloomy outside and all everyone around me is talking about is how Tebow was released..