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    Ya, i felt Eric Reids upside is the best of the bunch as far as the S's go, and the 9ers could afford to take a gamble on his upside, and if there right, boom... I remember earlier on in the yr, i thought Eric Reid was the best S in the country and a sure fire first rd pick, and Slip agreed, so its not that surprising to me, and if they only had a few picks, it'd of bothered me more, but they had such a heap of picks, that i understand trading up for em, because they believed in em so much...

    Well again, it isn't that I don't like Reid, and I completely understand the situation they 49ers were in( not enough roster spots or cap room to sign the amount of picks they had), and I think from the 2nd round on they had the best draft in the league. But, they did after all come into the draft with 13 picks and very few open roster spots, which is 1 reason they picked lattimore, so they could IR him next year and not lose a spot and potentially get a good player for the future. Possibly Carradine too.

    But, I still don't like that 1st round move. Eric Reid is a good player but they traded too far up and they did it simply because they put themselves in a position of having too many picks for their current roster to allow.

    The mistake I felt they made was 1 that good teams often do, and that is in the thinking that because things are good now, they always will be. They should have traded some of their current picks for future picks in 2014 or even 2015.

    In the near future, some of their biggest name players are coming to contract and the picks they traded away this year because they had to, would have been useful in the coming years when their young stars are virtually unresignable because of cap constraints. Having a good roster is a death warrant for the future. When Colin Kaepernick comes to contract in 2015(same year as Aldon Smith), for example, they will have to cut half their roster to resign him. Aldon Smithwill be a consideration for the highest paid defensive player in the league, barring injury or some other blight. Pat Willis is locked up for some years, but they have a lot of guaranteed money tied up in his restructuring, same for Bowman.

    They are going to have to draft extremely well in the next 5 or 6 years in order fill in around the players I list above. That is why I think the picks they used to trade up to grabe Ried this year would have been more wisely traded for future picks.

    I absolutely love all the players they selected, but they simply do not have the roster space for them right now(11 picks), and in the future when those big name vets come to contract, they likely will have more space and needs and could have used those picks.

    Its is going to be interesting to me to see who gets cut from this team when they trim the roster down because it is either going to be some decent players or some of the lovely draft picks they selected above.
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