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I can give the cards a decent grade but I don't agree about the Jets.

That organization is a mess right now. They went into the draft having 5 QBs, many of which they will take a cap hit if they release. Then they draft another....

Its not that I don't like Geno Smith, its that they put themselves in a moron position going into the draft, a position so that the 1 position they needed most (QB) is the 1 position where drafting it would hurt the team.

I also think they wanted Austin and let themselves get jumped. That team needs serious help in the offensive weapon department. Austin fit their need to a tee. He made a college career of taking short passes and turning them into long TDs. They have(or had) a QB who only throws short passes. They also wanted to draft a guy who knew how to work with Austin in Smith(who they did get.) It is just baffling to me.

I am not advocating just drafting need, but cmon you cannot ignore it either.
The jets got guys that are easily cuttable at QB, theres no worries there.. Geno Smith is clearly the front runner for the future of the posiotn, nad Garrad is nothing but camp fodder, and maybe a stop gap if they finally decide to part ways with Sanchez, and want to give a vet a few starts to make sure Geno's ready, and McElroy is nothing but a clipholder, in the mold of Jason Garrett. THey got QB's, but its nothing they can't part ways with very easily.. Geno Smith was a great pickup.. To get a guy who was perdicted to go number 1overall about 2months ago, in the 2nd rd is pretty good, when ur situation at QB is what it is with the jets.. That DLINE looks beefy for the future with Wilkerson, Coples, and now Richardson, and Milliner is a nice replacement for Revis, and Brian Winters is a real stud, if u study his film, and i think will be alongtime starter in this league..

They got a potential number 1 WR for Geno to throw to all ready in Stephen Hill, and still have Santonio Holmes, and the decent Jeremey Kerley as well.. The problem is these recievers were never gonna suceed withouta QB who can truly sling it, which Geno Smith pretty much should be able to do.. A solid stable of backs, with Ivory being added as the power to go with additon of iMike Goodson and also Bilal Powell and Joe McKnight...

THey obviously still have pieces to add, but i think they are finally starting to make sensable moves and are unfoturtunetly on there way outta being the dysfunctional franchise they been.. They'll suck this yr, and next yr get a shot at a Marquise Lee or Austin Sefarian Jenkins, to bolster the offense as well..