It's a question I've been wondering since we got rid of Bradshaw..we're not going to use Wilson in returns obviously, so who will be making returns?

It's a tradition for us, some of our best players have started off as returners:

Sehorn (but that move is what caused his career IMO, God damn Jets)

Are we going to use someone from last year, or someone we drafted? Do you guys think it'll be just a special teams player, or someone who can fill more of a role rather than a David Meggett? I don't even think the guy we drafted in the last round (Michael Cox) had a pro-day, I can't find his 40 time. Not only that, his picture kinda looks like it's one of those portrait pictures from the late 60's that you'd find on a football card lmao kinda looks like an old man.

Face it, you gotta be fast to return kicks..sure, speed isn't everything, but if you don't have the speed and stamina, you're going to run out of steam and be taken down before you can score (see Brian Mitchell, Chad Morton, Darius Reynaud, etc). That's honestly one of the reasons I felt Bradshaw's time as a Giant was done because he'd break for a long run and run out of steam..David Wilson doesn't do that.

Having said that, what are our options as of now? This is a touchy subject because you don't want to plug in a player who has the potential of getting injured on a return when he's supposed to be playing on most downs on offense/defense.