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I'm sure it will happen on short yardage situations or clear rushing downs. But, I don't think it will happen too much otherwise.

In fact, I think Hankins was drafted to replace Linval who is entering a contract year. Linval is going to get a LOT of offers next offseason, barring injury. There are a number of 34 teams that would love to steal him away. Considering how many big name free agents we have next year, and considering that he might get big offers elsewhere, I could see the Giants being forced to let Linval walk.
Thats pretty much what i thought, and i don't know if i care for the idea of spending 2of4 picks for down the line when we should be focusing on winning titles now, when our QB is in his prime and we got enough pieces in place to be a true contender.. But , another part of me understands trying to set up longterm as well, being that Reese is trying to keep his job , and has to worry about seasons beyond this yr..