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    Will Beatty VS. Justin Pugh . Comparing prospects.

    I dont remember being too excited about Beatty when we drafted him. Beatty seems to be a bit stronger. Interestingly enough they are the exact same height and weight. Beatty has longer arms of course

    Beatty had a monster senior season at Uconn while Pugh was more consistant throughout his 3 years.

    Maybe some of you draft gurus can help out.. who was the better prospect coming out of college?



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    I thought Beatty was, because Beatty has the movement skills to be a LT.

    I dont think Pugh is quite as athletic.

    Pugh is more polished and will play sooner into his career.

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    Quote Originally Posted by slipknottin View Post
    I thought Beatty was, because Beatty has the movement skills to be a LT.

    I dont think Pugh is quite as athletic.

    Pugh is more polished and will play sooner into his career.


    Beatty was all athleticism and upside. I also remember Beatty being graded higher (borderline first round grade).

    Pugh is definitely more versatile though and Beatty was looked strictly as being an eventual LT, whereas I don't think they're envisioning that for Pugh (he'll probably be competing for the RT spot from the get go).
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    You got that backwards ..PUGH is MUCH MORE ATHLETIC just smaller body/arm frame but much better feet

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    Beatty was a bigger Risk because he had a lot more learning to do than Pugh. Pugh is very technically sound with excellent footwork. Beatty had to learn that stuff a bit more.

    However, Beatty was a better athlete and had the better measurables, mainly because of his 34 3/4 inch arms. But was not as polished and needed a bit of coaching. I would however, note that Pugh is a very good athlete too.

    But, the reason Pugh is a better prospect coming out because he has the ability to play so many positions along the line right out of the gate. It will extend his career and give him value throughout. Think how long ago would we have let David Deihl go if he were only able to play 1 position along the line? His versatility has extended his career by a good 2-3 years in my opinion.

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    Interesting comparison, I think I was excited about Beaty when we picked him in the second round a great value pickup there. The tale of the tape indicates that Beaty is more explosive; looking at the vertical jump for example, Beaty leaped 33.5 while Pugh leaped 28.5 inches, similar disparity in the Long Jump. Certainly Pugh is a more polished player but Beaty in my mind is and will remain our LT.

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    Probably two ends of the spectrum. Beatty was far more athletic, but needed a lot of work. Pugh is a pretty good technician coming out, but doesn't look to have the much more room to grow. I would have always figured the Giants' philosophy to covet the former rather than the latter.

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    Pugh's athleticism strictly comes from his mobility which is pretty impressive and he's the kind of guy we want making blocks downfield for Wilson. It doesn't look like he has that much more room to add strength at this point and he could be one of the "weaker" offensive linemen in the league. I'm sure his personal value was boosted some due to the fact he has great intelligence and leadership qualities. One scout in fact said it was like having an extra coach on the field. I'll have to find that quote...

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    Three-year starter at LT. "He is short-armed (32), and he does play short-armed," one scout said. "Everybody wants to make him a guard because of that. That's fine. Maybe. I like bigger, thicker guys at guard. I'll make him a center. I was thinking about guys like Max Unger or Trey Teague, somebody that made the tackle-to-center switch. You can get away with shorter arms and less mass at center." Graduated with a degree in finance in 3 years. "One of the smartest guys I've (scouted) in 12 years," another scout said. "Like a coach on the field." From Holland, Pa. Played in a pro-style offense. "He came into our room at Indy and told us he was a left tackle, which I'm sure his agent told him to say because they make the most money," a third scout said. "He doesn't have the feet to play out on an island. He is ornery. Good technician. He's high intangibles. He bends well enough. He's a second- or third-round guy that will be a solid player for a long time."

    Source - http://www.jsonline.com/sports/draft...203726121.html

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    I know one thing, just based on the fact we got Beatty at the end of the 2nd & spent a top 20 on Pugh, he better be a hell of a player....

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