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Thread: Jonathan Hankins NFL comparison, Vince Wilfork?

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    For such a big guy, he looks really nimble on the field. In his Highlight videos, the way that he stands up double teams and then sheds them and envelops the Running back is awesome. He also seems to have good vision to diagnose where the play is headed and where the running back is as the back lets the blocks develop.

    I'm excited for Hankins. In a lot of those plays in his footage, he sucks in running backs like a vacuum cleaner.

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    If anything, Hankins reminds me of Fred Robbins (but gets more penetration even).

    With a good DT rotation to keep him fresh, I expect big things (heh) from this kid.
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    I'm thinking he's going to make our LBers look a lot better too.
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    Greatest DT of all time.

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    OMGZZZZ i cannot wait for this!!!!!

    Joseph and Hankins down the middle!

    Joseph and Big Rogers down the middle!

    hopefully Austin shows up!

    this will collapse pockets and leave plenty of picking for our ends if they can contain!

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    Hankins caught my eye during the 2012 season. I actually thought he would be a first rounder. He will be able to help push the middle and collapse the pocket allowing our JPP and Tuck DEs to get to the QB more often. Joseph will beast up as well. We will still need a solid rotation though as the article suggests to allow some blows for these massive guys.
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    This guy will require attention from teams. Which should pull double teams off of JPP...which will end with SACKS

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cloud57 View Post
    Wilfork is a beast, if he becomes that type of player that would be great. Our weakness is on the edge though, we can't contain the edge and RBs love to exploite that weakness
    So that's why TC said we were "soft up the middle".

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    Quote Originally Posted by BlueSanta View Post
    Hankins is a zero tech. He was projected by almost everyone to go to a 34 team as a nose tackle. However, a lot of teams(us included) are using a zero tech in a 43 scheme. It is a very valuable position to the defense. Just don't go expecting a lot of sacks from this guy. He is a meatwall, not a sacker.
    we dont need him for sacks we need him to help JPP, TUCK, KIWI, AND MOORE get sacks...

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    Quote Originally Posted by CDN_G-FAN View Post
    probably most excited about this pick. If he's real, he solves ALOT of problems we've had on defense. gets into the backfield on runs, shallows out the pocket, occupies more than one body, that helps everybody.

    you can't find players like this anymore, which is why he slipped. everything is passrush now. this guy just eats up space.

    love this pick. absolutely LOVE IT.
    Yes as soon as I saw his name on the ticker I was like, "YES!!!" When you face Murray, McCoy, and Morris twice a year its a necessary piece of your defense. This is what I wanted more than any other pick.

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