I actually think cox, our last pick and second to last pick of the draft, will make the roster, and surprise people. Although he only rushed like 20 times in his career at Michigan he had a pretty rediculous ypc. I know it doesn't really count because that doesn't equate to a full load over a whole season but its a small sample size and its better then him not being affective when touching the ball. At umass he played on an all time crap team, they only won one game and I trust Reese when he said something along the lines of "this guy had to do it all, he would get the ball and there would already be 2 guys in the backfield, trust what we scouts do". This guy is also rocked up and has a nice burst and pretty good long speed. I think they giants are planning for when we move on from andre brown assuming he has a big year and signs elsewhere, or he gets hurt again, and proves to truly be injury prone as he as been for most of his college and pro career. Another upside mike cox (lol) has to him is his low mileage from barely getting any carries while at Michigan. I think he could end up being a solid solid player as a 7th rounder.