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    a contingent B-

    But does it really mean enything right now?

    In 3 years this draft grade could either be an A+ or an F. so who really cares

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    Didnt fill the LB hole or help our weak CB unit in a corner-friendly draft. Really gotta wait and see tho.
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    6. Chad Kelly QB Ole Miss
    7. Billy Brown WR Shepherd

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    B+ Potentially drafting 3-4 starters in year one is pretty damn good.

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    I see a lot of people questioning Hankins conditioning and whether he can last. Do you people realize that at 320+ pounds in college this guy was playing 65 to 70 snaps a game!!!!!! Uhhhhhhh if him getting tired after being in that much time on the field isn't expected from a guy that large than many of you here need to play on the line of scrimmage and you tell me how you feel after that many plays. Fact is from his Sophmore year on he did this and his Sophmore year he was closer to 350 lbs I believe and he lost some weight every year after. When he was fresh on the field running backs went nowhere against Ohio States Defense. I saw a video of him literally run directly over a Guard and destroy the quarterback. Hold off your questions on the guy for now. I very strongly do not believe we are dealing with another Marvin Austin. I think Hankins is the real deal!!!!

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    ^^ all these valid points are lost here bro.. I want to see Alfred Morris run against hankins and Joseph in the middle and conners playing lb.no way he gains 5+ ypc.

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    Yep Hankins won't be playing anywhere near 70 snaps...maybe 30-40 a game.

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    they filled critical needs so at least a B for me!

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    It could be either F, D, C, B, or A.

    Not sure yet.

    I'll let you know in 1-3 years.

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    TBH, I give it an A. Not because it was the greatest draft in Giants history, but because I simply trust in our front office. After two superbowls, why shouldn't I?

    Do any of you honestly think that Reese et al are stupid? I mean, honestly stupid? There are a finite number of players to draft, and their selections and contingency options are carefully planned weeks and weeks in advance. That's their job - unlike the rest of us, for whom football is merely an endlessly interesting diversion. I have faith that the players we got were the best in terms of a balance of need AND BPA. There are many other qualities and characteristics they have entire teams of people specifically trained to recognize as well, the likes of which we armchair coaches and agents can only guess. For the most part, anyway.

    Think of the scores of other NFL teams who have DYNASTIES of failure...this isn't the smacktalk forum so I'm not going to name names, but you can easily think of who I mean. Their poor fans, chained to these doomed franchises, have no choice but to sing the same old battle songs year in and year out while their FO's do a third of the work ours do, never win, and yet still end up making money and keeping their jobs (until a shakeup occurs, anyway). We don't have that problem, so you know what? I'll take the odd lame draft. It wasn't an awesome draft class to begin with.

    But even if it's not an A...even if the worst case scenario occurred and Reese went on vacation from his own brain, this is the kind of thing that makes football fascinating. Call me nuts, but I'm WAY more entertained on the whole by the way the Giants play their game than I would be if we were a massive NFL juggernaut (you know, like the '07 Patriots, ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha). The come from behind last minute victories are thrills the likes of which few get to truly experience in the form of near-cardiac arrest every Sunday. It's definitely worth the odd stray kick to a certain Eagles back or the times where we miss the playoffs, even after finishing strong.

    To me, anyway.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bigjeep View Post
    I agree with Roosevelt. Strange to pick a QB with the 4th pick and have your GM say I hope he never plays? We could have picked a player ( LB or CB ) that could have helped this year with the 4th pick! QB could have waited another few years. All the experts seem to agree that Pugh was a reach! Even the ones that like him as a player still think it was a reach. No LB or CB not good. Going to be a major problem again this year. Can Webster and Ross still play, and the jury is still out on the prince! C-
    It's nice to see us warming up to each other after 7 years.

    What's your issue with Prince? He looks like a solid player.

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