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How do we know that Nassib will turn out to a a good\great QB?from what's been said, he had trouble throwing the deep ball, how will that help him throw against the swirling winds at MetLife stadium?He's a cheap backup| possible future trade bait.
"As a fan you see this pick and you say, they moved up to get a quarterback? That's stupid. And as a fan you're right. We're invested in the team emotionally (and financially to a point), but we're not providing for our families based on how well the Giants play. As a fan you're thinking if Eli Manning gets hurt for an extended period of time the season's lost anyway and we might as well get a high draft pick.

But as a coach and general manager, and as scouts you're thought has to be that if the team takes a nose dive in any of these years I could lose my job -- just ask Bill Polian. Polian is one of the most decorated general managers in the league -- a guy who didn't have a losing season in a decade with the Colts. He lost Peyton Manning, had terrible backup quarterback play and is now working with ESPN. Having a backup quarterback can save seasons -- and jobs. It's important."