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Thread: draft picks, most/least excited about?

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    draft picks, most/least excited about?

    who ya got?

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    Veteran TCHOF's Avatar
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    Dec 2012
    Most excited about Pugh (mostly about the possibility that he will replace Diehl). Least excited about Cox. (Enter Harooni)

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    most: Hankins (believe his impact will be felt immediately on 1st and possibly 2nd downs)
    least: Cox (lots of competition to make special teams)

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    Veteran TAILGATIN''s Avatar
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    Apr 2010
    Pine Barrens, NJ.. where we still hunt dinner.
    Most Moore, least Herman.
    Latest Mock

    1. Anthony Barr, OLB - UCLA
    2. Jace Amaro, TE - Texas Tech
    3. DaQuan Jones, DT - Penn St
    4. Brandon Coleman, WR - Rutgers
    5. Anthony Steen, OG - Alabama
    5. James Wilder, RB - Florida St
    6. Aaron Lynch, DE - S. Florida

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    Quote Originally Posted by Moecoastie77 View Post
    most: Hankins (believe his impact will be felt immediately on 1st and possibly 2nd downs)
    least: Cox (lots of competition to make special teams)
    I really hope Hankins destroys down the middle and becomes a beast!
    Cox: Why did we even get this kid... smh.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TAILGATIN' View Post
    Most Moore, least Herman.
    I gotta defend Herman...this man absolutely killed Penn St. front seven.

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    most: Damontre Moore, he's gonna make the most splash plays out of this group.. We need this guy to get to the QB

    least: Nassib, kind of hard to get excited about a guy who isn't gonna see the field (and I hope he doesn't outside of preseason)

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    im excited about all first 3 picks all going to be beasts

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    Former NY'er now living in the Midwest
    Most excited: Probably Cooper Taylor (like his potential) and Damontre Moore (sack freak in the SEC and is 20!)
    Least excited: Nassib (like the pick but hopefully little to no PT) and Cox (I don't understand the draft pick if we are bringing in Hightower honestly... could have gotten a solid defensive player with promise)

    I trust JR and maybe the Cox thing will turn out for the best... I am really excited about Hankins and Pugh also but they do not play really flashy/exciting positions IMO. Herman is intriguing as well though because he just mows kids over lol
    Either Aaron Donald, Mike Evans, Eric Ebron or bust
    In Reese I trust again!
    Strick's 2014 Mock Draft (4/3/2014)
    1st- E. Ebron TE North Carolina
    2nd- D. Easley DT Florida
    3rd- T. Swanson C Arkansas
    4th- C. Latimer WR Indiana
    5th- J. White RB Wisconsin
    5th- K. Pierre-Louis OLB Boston College
    6th- A. Lynch DE USF

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    Pittsfield, MA
    Damontre Moore of course.. Our pass rush was non existent..

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