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Thread: draft picks, most/least excited about?

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    draft picks, most/least excited about?

    who ya got?

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    Most excited about Pugh (mostly about the possibility that he will replace Diehl). Least excited about Cox. (Enter Harooni)

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    most: Hankins (believe his impact will be felt immediately on 1st and possibly 2nd downs)
    least: Cox (lots of competition to make special teams)

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    Pine Barrens, NJ.. where we still hunt dinner.
    Most Moore, least Herman.

    "Behold, the tailgate party. The pinnacle of human achievement. Since the dawn of parking lots, man has sought to fill his gut with food and alcohol in anticipation of watching others exercise."
    - Homer J. Simpson

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    Quote Originally Posted by Moecoastie77 View Post
    most: Hankins (believe his impact will be felt immediately on 1st and possibly 2nd downs)
    least: Cox (lots of competition to make special teams)
    I really hope Hankins destroys down the middle and becomes a beast!
    Cox: Why did we even get this kid... smh.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TAILGATIN' View Post
    Most Moore, least Herman.
    I gotta defend Herman...this man absolutely killed Penn St. front seven.

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    most: Damontre Moore, he's gonna make the most splash plays out of this group.. We need this guy to get to the QB

    least: Nassib, kind of hard to get excited about a guy who isn't gonna see the field (and I hope he doesn't outside of preseason)

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    im excited about all first 3 picks all going to be beasts

    through 5 games

    15 rushes for 175 yards 2 td
    17 pancake blocks
    20 tackles 2 sack (3 td saving tackles including final tackle as time expired to clinch win, hit of the game 9/14 )

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    Most excited: Probably Cooper Taylor (like his potential) and Damontre Moore (sack freak in the SEC and is 20!)
    Least excited: Nassib (like the pick but hopefully little to no PT) and Cox (I don't understand the draft pick if we are bringing in Hightower honestly... could have gotten a solid defensive player with promise)

    I trust JR and maybe the Cox thing will turn out for the best... I am really excited about Hankins and Pugh also but they do not play really flashy/exciting positions IMO. Herman is intriguing as well though because he just mows kids over lol

    S/O to Flip Empty for the sig

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    Damontre Moore of course.. Our pass rush was non existent..

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