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Thread: Video - Justin Pugh's performance at the Senior Bowl

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    Didn't look like a first round talent or a tackle in the senior bowl. Pugh got abused on a lot of plays and looks somewhat undersized.

    I like what I've seen from Moore and Hankins though. Hankins looks like a strong, strong lineman with a lot of pop.

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    well he played both G and T in the SrB. and he did play better at LG. but he also showed why he could be a T. In todays game, ur gonna get pushed back/stood up. its just gonna happen when u have the physical freaks at DE/DT that we see today(i equate it to the QB throwing off the back foot, its never theoretically supposed to happen but does frequently in todays game). Pugh is exceptional at reseting from that position. I noticed that on the pressures he allowed, he got stood up, and pretty much any other T from there concedes the sack. But watch how he is able to use his footwork to recreate leverage. he was able to seal off the block a few times from the "stood up" position. and at RT, thats pretty paramount. Once he gets an NFL weight lift regiment it will be even better.
    Now, as a G, he didnt give near the ground he did at T. But also, lets keep something in mind. almost all the pressures he gave up were against the DE who got drafted mid rounds, Cornelius Washington iirc from UGA. He's got the ability to do that to starting NFL tackles right now so keep that in mind. Also keep in mind that was at LT and we want him at RT where we will ask him to block downhill more and get to the 2nd level more which will help him. He'll be fine in pass pro, esp with Eli who feels the pocket very well.
    But yeah, theres a lot to be stoked about u just gotta know what to look for.

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    and generally speaking, for the SrB, DL are gonna best the OL. Nobody really expects the unit as a whole to perform at a level typically acceptable bc u got guys who are playing with each other for a week, and even so, the way its structured, ur playing against the guys ur playing with lol. dont take that to mean the OL for those games suck and its ok if a guy sucks. im just saying, taper the bar u would normally set bc these guys are in a unique situation.

    i will say this tho, i wonder his medical history. u can see he is almost at 2 diff gears and i believe the injury has somethin to do with it. i watched a lot of tape on pugh, and in 2011, there were games he moved more stiff.

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    Quote Originally Posted by EliManningUp View Post

    just posted today

    Discuss what you see on this tape.
    Don't like the way he was constantly bull rushed. And I wasn't too impressed by hi s motor. He looked like he gave up on a few plays instead continually blocking and going after the DE's. I know he'll be playing RT so the video isn't a air analysis, but I still wanted to see hand his opponent better.

    And is it me, or does he do a lot of holding? It would not be funny if our offense is driving the ball down the field and the our momentum is killed because of some dumb holding penalty.
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    Well he's not a LT according to this video. the scouting reports I read seem pretty dead on regarding him having a weak core. His back will not hold up to bul rushes unless he gets stronger....he looks like he's going to break in half on most plays. He had one good block at 423 but the rest looks very poor.
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    U guys can try to defend him all you want but he looked absolutely terrible.... Say he doesn't play LT but Ware will still go on the Right side and blow past him. i feel he might get exposed in the NFL. he also could not stop the bull rush. I'm prayin he works cause we need Oline bad but i feel he will be exposed

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    i can't wait to see these two pugh and Nas teamed up in blue together. probably on the 2nd team but still. will be nice

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    I tell you what he definately can run block thats a huge bonus for us. He got bulldozed a few times but he looked overall good to be a LG.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eli TO Shockey View Post
    I read reports that the reason he skyrocketed up draft boards was because of the senior bowl . Then I also heard reports that his senior bowl was underhelming. For each their own I guess.
    I know he didnt have a great senior bowl game. But according to my guy he had a very good senior bowl week. Meaning he was very good in practices, which is imho more important than the game.

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    The Giants usually draft pretty well. They have a good scouting department. I have faith in Marc Ross. And as I said before the Senior Bowl is an ENTIRE week of activities. Not just the game! Seems our scouting department liked what they saw of Pugh during the week!


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