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    Amani Toomer went farther that that on Sirius radio stating he thought taking Pugh with the 19th overall pick was a major mistake.

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    Quote Originally Posted by giantsfam04 View Post
    I saw a guy who handled the #6 overall pick more often then not. I also saw a guy who can reanchor when pushed back and was good at getting too the second level. Was able to handle the bigger guys and shows physicality putting guys on there backs. He needs to play with more leverage stood a bit to high and seemed to absorb the defender. Needs to add a bit more bulk, not to much because it may affect his mobility. I liked what I saw, I wouldn't put to much stock into this game. An OL and QB need more than a week of practice, when you know the tendencies of the players around you it makes the job easier.
    You just described a 3rd round player.

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    enigma and giantsfam04 have hit the nail on the head much clearer than my attempt earliier in the threads.

    most gms/scouts arent looking at the game as the end all be all of the evaluation. its just the conclusion of the entire week leading up to that. i mean cmon, how much can u expect from an OL/offense that is spending 1 week together. and that week, despite being on the same team, is actually in competition with each other with how the SrB week is structured.
    in the drills, Pugh was excellent. In the game, Pugh displayed played of excellence. and really, thats what ur looking for. Did he give up some pressures?yes. but he also displayed an ability he possesses better than any other OL prospect in the draft imo. an ability to reset, create leverage, and seal off a block after getting stood up (which with the caliber athlete DE in the NFL, is gonna happen to OLmen no matter what).

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    Quote Originally Posted by TAILGATIN' View Post
    Yah, I dont think we would have went this route if OTs werent flying of the boards like they were. I think it was a reach, but they obviously wanted to fill the position. I still cant believe we passed on guys like Werner, Rhodes, etc that slid to 19. Gonna have to trust JR on this draft because im still shaking my head.
    yeah i wasnt happy about that either, however seeing reeses plan to draft Nas too, it kinda makes sense to me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hooligans View Post
    You just described a 3rd round player.
    If you say so.

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    I think he did well. He kept the defender in front of him which is more then most of our linemen could do.

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    Good foot work. Seems athletic. Poor leverage. Moves well for run blocking. Worried about his strength from shat I saw. My impression of the tape is he seems a way off from starting. Hopefully it was a bad day and there is marked improvement in the preseason.

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    Quote Originally Posted by appodictic View Post
    I think he did well. He kept the defender in front of him which is more then most of our linemen could do.
    This right hiear.

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    Quote Originally Posted by EliManningUp View Post

    just posted today

    Discuss what you see on this tape.
    OMG!!! He looks horrible.
    "Typical Morehead!"..................and he didn't even mean that as a compliment..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Diamondring View Post
    He's looken good. He maybe gave up one sack I believe and maybe could have gave up another one, but on that one though, the qb moved out of the pocket I believe. He looked good and proving me wrong.
    I believe in three years at Syracuse Pugh gave up one sack and no hurries. I'm never comfortable judging a player, or a team, on one game.

    Another consideration is in the Senior Bowl you aren't playing with the same guys you play with every day. Can make a big difference on the Oline in particular.
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