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    What team has the best looking female fans?

    I hate to admit it but IMO eagles fans are rite up there. Been to a couple giants games in philly.

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    Pine Barrens, NJ.. where we still hunt dinner.
    Been to most of the 50 states, hottest girls are in Texas no doubt. Got to be careful tho because they're either perfect 10s, or they got brisket buns from hell.
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    Have you been drinking?

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    Any of the Brazil national teams.
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    I can bet Texas probably has a lot of hot females.

    I can imagine the Oakland Raiders have a horrible looking fanbase.
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    Miami Dolphins, too bad you never see them because they suck

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    ...does it matter? I Heart Women ! Even Red Sox, Eagles, Bulls, Cowboys, Skins, Cubs, Tigers, Cetics etc fans.

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