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    Giants QB choice vs

    Mr Reese, very happy to have you as a GM and your staff of scouts. Giants choice of QB compared tothe other choice made by another NY team shows Reese's and his scouts' ability to determine character and quality of attitude and talent is over and above that of another NY team who if I remember sold all to move up in the draft to choose Sanchez of whom his college coach said he was no where near ready to be an NFL QB. Nassib happy to be a Giant and to be good enough to actually be chosen and accepting of the fact concerning when his number was called.
    Comparing Geno Smith's attitude of being "all put out" at not being chosen #1 or not even being chosen in the first round and then announcing he was leaving at the end of the first round shows stupidity and a lack of leadership quailty and because he attaches the blame to his agents. NFL execs say the reasons for his drop was not his agents.. I'd venture a guess that Mr Smith in no way is a replacement for Sanchez because he has a self-inflated assessment of his talent and an immature ego, and that's a shame and a sure path to failure, while Ryan Nassib will quietly learn and improve and become an outstanding backup and a more than quality replacement for a starting job in the future. Mr Smith, learn quickly, you are not entitled to anything! Just saying what I observed, we have a value pick by Reese and the other NY team has a problem on their hands.

    GIANTS 2 (Eli and Nassib) JETS 0
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