Excerpt: "Ryan Nassib tried not to let the 2013NFL Draft affect him, but he couldn't help it. Many thought he could be a first-round pick, or even a second-round pick, but he wasn't.

To cope with it, he didn't watch the first two days of the draft coverage, and in an interview with Michael Cohen from, Nassib admits to listening to music in his car on Friday night after not being pick on Thursday night. Then, on Saturday, he headed to the gym. But as he was headed there, that's when he got the call he was waiting for; one in which it changed his life forever, as the New York Giants traded up in the fourth-round with the Arizona Cardinals to take him with the 110th overall pick in the draft.

It took the former Syracuse quarterback by surprise, but in the end, he was extremely thrilled to be coming to New Jersey.

"That was a huge surprise," Nassib said, "Because I had barely spoken with the Giants. But it was a great surprise. Getting a call from them was so exciting. I’m so happy about the situation. I can’t wait to start working for them.

In several mock drafts, Nassib was thought to land with the Buffalo Bills in the first round, especially since they had just hired his former head coach from Syracuse in Doug Marrone, but instead, they chose to go with E.J. Manuel from Florida State, and the free-falling into later rounds started." Read more...