All those who claim Reese should have drafted a CB and a LB instead of the positions he did draft?
It appears that Reese bolstered the positions in front of and behind the corners and Line backers by drafting linemen and a safety/linebacker.
Will Reese's (enclosing) draft choices improve CB and LB play thereby negating drafting either of those positions for at least this year?

My opinion, barring major injuries we shouldn't be any worse at Lb or corner this year and perhaps improved
After camp cuts by other teams won't be surprised if Reese snatches up a LB and/or a corner .
The OLine got younger and beefier and more athletic
The DLine got nasty in the middle and quick on the end
The safety position may have gottena real deal steal
Another running back to make DRrayScott make it or break it this year through competition. (I believe this draft choice was for that reason)
With these kind of observations I just can't believe the NSL have not offered me a sportswriter position yet to cover the Giants