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It's no coincidence that teams with better linebackers have better defenses than the Giants.

I've been waiting a few years now, but the linebacking tradition for the Giants has gone off life support and has now flat-lined.

If I wanted to get the opinion of the value of linebackers, I would no longer consider the Giants the leading organization to ask. I'd take the opinion of the Bears, Steelers, Ravens or 49ers over whatever Reese has to say about that particular subject.
I agree with you and nobody can tell me there was no LBer available at the time we drafted who could have been better than what we have and that goes for the last 9 years, I don't buy into all this highest rated player on the board crap, if you need a LBer you go into the draft and get the best one available . I know nobody will agree with me but if Reese had done this since he's been here we would have some damn good LBers and we wouldn't be having this discussion...