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Thread: What They're Saying: Cooper Taylor

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    Quote Originally Posted by G-Men4Supes View Post
    Dude's strong, too: 23 reps on the bench press.
    More then Justin Pugh and he is 80 pounds lighter

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    Love this pick, he is the perfect (size speed) guy for that third Safety position. They were thinking that J Will could do it last year but I'm not sure he was the right fit there. This guy is big and can be difficult to throw around!

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    Taylor might turn out to be another Brad Van Pelt for us, similar size and speed. Sports people said at the time that Van Pelt was too tall and didn't have the build for a LBer and we saw how that went....

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    if he is so good why did he fall to the 5th?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Battyboyy View Post
    if he is so good why did he fall to the 5th?
    Probally the heart condition and playing for a small school..

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    Both GM Jerry Reese and coach Tom Coughlin mentioned fifth-round pick Cooper Taylor as a candidate for the Giants' three-safety package in addition to playing special teams as a rookie.
    Taylor goes 6-foot-4, 228 with 4.49 wheels. He was viewed as a linebacker prospect by some teams. "He is a safety by trade but you drop him down in that three-safety package or whatever you want to do," said Coughlin. "Whether he plays an outside backer or whatever." Taylor will have to earn the job in camp.
    Source: ESPN New York May 5 - 1:17 PM

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    Taylor has had some health issues. He has broken both hands, torn a pectoral muscle while bench pressing, and had major heart surgery. That probably scared off many teams. I imagine he'll probably make the Giants due to his potential on special teams, aside from any future as a safety/OLB.

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