This board incessantly discusses our need for linebackers. We are not spending money to get one or drafting one high, so get over it!

We, as the team is currently set up with these coaches DO NOT VALUE THE LB POSITION. This is not the glory days of the 80s. They have made this abundantly clear.
Whether it be the nascar package with only 2 lbs or the 3 safety look with only 2 lbs, we do not line up 3 lbs a good portion of the time.
We are bringing in athletic guys on the cheap like rivers and curry because we feel like when we do run our lbs out there, we need someone to match up with either a TE or a QB (vick/RGIII). This is why we bring in guys like kiwi, williams, or even cooper (even though hes technically a safety).

Our current defensive philosophy devalues LB position in comparison to what we ran in the past. For this reason we will not spend big money or picks on LB's, especially since the last one was a complete bust (sintim). If Perry Fewell were no longer the DC, things could change but until then, this is how our D will be run.

I love what the GMEN have done this offseason and signing cruz long term would be the cherry on top. GO GMEN.

**Rant over.