Q: What are your thoughts on Ryan Nassib?
A: First day out he did a pretty good job of mastering just the nomenclature, the terminology. He didnít seem overly confused by what weíre trying to do. Thereís so much thinking going on. Itís hard to execute at a level that Iím sure weíre going to see down the road, but really for the first day, he did pretty good.

Q: Did it help him having some of his former college teammates out there?
A: From an emotional standpoint it may have. It certainly doesnít help you learn any offense or make the throws or anything along those lines, but I think just having some familiarity with something, even if itís just your teammates, I think is probably I psychological boost.

Q: Victor Cruz wouldnít be out here anyway, but is it kind of a headache until he signs?

A: I guess I have great confidence that itís going to get done, so I donít give it a lot of thought because I know he wants to be here, I know we want him to be here, the people that have to resolve that does not include me, and Iíll be honest with you Iím kind of excited until he gets back. Iím certainly looking forward to him getting back. I donít want to give any impression contrary to that, but certainly Iím looking forward to seeing Jerrell Jernigan and what he can do inside. I think itís about time that he steps up and I think we feel he has enough ability and heís been here now long enough. Until Victor gets back, heíll be the main guy inside at the slot position. Itís a chance for him to shine and step forward and do the things that we believe he can do and then whoever else shows up. I think we want to see what Louis Murphy can do outside, but really itís JJ inside is the guy thatÖ Itís going to be a great opportunity for him.

Q: Can Louis play inside?
A: He can. Iím not sure thatís where heís most comfortable. He was asking about assignments and I said, ĎRight now, you give us some explosiveness that maybe we havenít had since we lost Mario Manningham.í He gives us some speed and weíre excited about seeing that and then above and beyond that, ĎItís up to you. Weíll certainly use you. Weíll take advantage of whatever skills you have.í So I think weíre looking forward to seeing what he can do as well, but certainly on the film what you see is a guy that can run.

Q: How did some of draft picks look?

A: Iíve got to be honest with you, Iím probably going to do the poorest job because Iím just trying to get them straight schematically, but I think the thing that I liked was Pugh showed some aggressiveness and competitiveness. I think the fact that he went aggressivelyÖ One of those guys kind of like a Rich SeubertÖ The one less shove theyíve got to get in there. Thatís not a bad thing to see and the temperament of an offensive lineman. So you saw a kid that had good feet and then you also saw a guy that maybe had the right makeup as well. Again, itís one day. I donít want to make more of it than it is, but it was a positive, for sure.

Q: Herman and Cox?
A: Michael looked likeÖ When he knew what he was doing and he understood the play, he showed the kind of speed and the running ability you like to see. I think Herman looked like he had some confusion with some of his assignments, but he certainly moved better than I thought he might move, so I think thereís some encouraging things. Once they reach a point where itís going to get worse a little bit before it gets better, but once it finally starts to settle in a little bit and crystallize, then I think youíll be able to make a fair appraisal of where theyíre at.

Q: Did anyone out there surprise you today?

A: I think 49 (Michael Palmer) made some great catches. That was great to see. He did a nice job of separating and straightening the guy before he made a break, so that was encouraging. Other than that, I think we saw some guys like Pugh and Ryan that we had hope would show us something and look like theyíve got some ability.