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    J.J. to get more looks inside (slot) . . . . Cruuuuuuuuz?

    Is this a safety for the Cruz situation? Gilbride says just in case he holds out but it must appear that the negotiations are very far apart.


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    We need to be prepared in case the contract negotiations go south, or God forbid, Cruz gets hurt. This is what Reese does best: ensure that we are fully able to continually call Next Man Up...

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    Thanks! That's good to know.

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    late in the season when it was obivious that hakeem was not going to be 100% the rest of the way JJ got a few looks and had a few nice catches, who knows if he has it or not, but if you got him why not use him?

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    It's not unusual for holdouts to get hurt shortly after returning because it's easy to 'over do things' after being away from team activities for so long. They won't talk about it, but players know an injury to someone ahead of them can be the best thing for their own career. If sh*t happens, JJ needs to be ready.

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    It will change to jeeeeeeeeeernigan

    Meh, it doesnt sound the same

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    jj sucks

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    JJ needs to learn that spot in case Cruz gets banged up anyway

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    Lol, JJ is getting time?!?! Thank goodness.

    > gets to play only 1 game.

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