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Thread: So who wanted to draft McClain?

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    Yeah I wasn't around this place in 2010, but I wanted to draft McClain too... Even moreso in 2011, after one year, since JPP had all of 4 sacks in 2010 and was largely a Coughlin Rookie(tm)...

    I'm Commander Shepard, and this is my favorite team in the NFL.

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    I sheepishly raise my hand. I wanted to draft him and then give him a shot this year!

    By the way, oh great forteller, how you coming with predicting the Power Ball numbers?

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    I was like,"he played well in college even with Chron's disease, he could be the anchor of our defense for years to come."

    I'd like some grits with my crow.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LayLow View Post
    I was on the Spoon wagon and was pissed NYG passed on him,but that JPP kid worked out pretty good
    I was a the Spoon wagon too, but I must admit that I would have been ok with selecting McClain too.

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    "i have the chops"


    2015 season tbd

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    I did. That's why I won't ever question the front offices draft picks. No matter what I think, I've resigned to the fact that they know way more than I do.

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    i was ready for McClain!

    i was totally upset and i mean pissed with Al Davis and Oakland for drafting him!

    little did we know how he would turn over!

    this guy and Titus Young are fools for throwing away a great at the least, monetary career!

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    I did and still wished they had.....you never know what would've happened if he came here and was disciplined properly......yeah he's got many character flaws but the Raiders did nothing to remedy them.....the Giants would have or at least tried to.

    As another poster pointed out you never know how a player would've developed under a different team......like the Jets drafting Marino.....think he would be an HOF'er.....highly doubt it.....he probably would've been out of football at age 23 too.

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    He's not retiring for good.....The Ravens want him to take a year off of football to get his head straight.(if that is possible)........Make him miss the game and the paycheck for a little while.
    I stopped fighting my inner demons. We're on the same side now.

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    I liked Darrell Washington that year. I thought he was a better value in the 2nd than any 1st round LB.

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