Hey guys/gals , I know we got a lot on our plates this week with this huge game coming up but I just wanted to switch it up a little bit...

I'm sure a lot of you are familiar with Luke Kuechly MLB Boston College. This kid looks awesome. Great feet/Great Hips/ plays sideline to sideline with very good speed. He can come up and stuff the run and has great instincts when it comes to reading the QB. He's a pretty good size right now at 6'3 , 240 lbs. Prolly needs to put on 10 lbs but that will come.

Just wondering if you guys thought there was anyway he gets to us in the draft at the late teens , early 20s? I highly doubt it but I was looking for your feedback. We need a LB so badly that I wonder if JR would trace up for him.

If your not familiar with him, check out his film on YouTube. You will enjoy.