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    NFL To Discuss Pro Bowl Changes At Spring League Meeting


    Excerpt: "Next week's NFL Spring League Meeting in Boston will include discussions on potentailly marked changes for the embattled Pro Bowl.

    NFL.com's Albert Breer reported Friday that the league will continue to advance the idea of a "draft"to select the AFC and NFC squads. Attendees also plan to toy with adding a twist to the annual all-star game by having top vote-getters serve as team captains.

    Breer reported in March that the draft concept -- previously used by the NHL for its all-star game -- is "not a done deal," according to a source. The NFL Annual Meeting in March already featured starter discussions around allowing captains to draft their squads, team uniforms, names and rules." Read more...
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    The most recent Pro Bowl was decent in my opinion. It's pretty hard to find something significant for the players from either conference to play for at the end of the season. Also, any player that is even remotely injured at the end of the season is simply not to risk staying injured any longer than they should for the benefit of the team and their existing contract status.

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