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    NY Giants @ Pittsburgh - should I go???

    Hey guys,

    I have never been to a preseason game, and sadly, only been to 3 live games in my 32 years (last one was here when the Giants beat the Steelers 21-14, good times).

    That said, I never care for preseason game other than to see what the new blood has to offer.

    What should I do gents? Should I cough up the cash and go to a preseason game, or not worth it? I would rather save the cash and try to head up to the new stadium!

    Thanks all!!

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    save cash go to reg season game

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    youtube (youth football Iselin Giants and look for video that's 4 mins 19sec)

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    Go for it if the ticket is cheap. I've seen the Giants play in 8 NFL stadiums, and Pittsburgh is probably my favorite -- cool stadium and great fans. Of course, intensity level will be low for a pre-season game so it would not be comparable to the real deal, but it's fun to get out and see the game live.

    That said, if you're being asked to pay full price (same as regular season price), I'd pass -- gotta believe you could get those tickets for way less than face value on Craigslist or at the stadium.

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