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    Rueben Randle 2012

    I enjoyed this, so should you.

    His route running needs work, and he can't run the fade, but not a bad rookie season.

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    He's got hands like NIcks. I'm real excited about this dude!

    The thing I like the most about this cat is, when he scores a TD, he acts like he's been in the endzone before.

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    I want the best players on the field,but itd really suck if Randle doesn't grab the 3rd spot

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    i was one of the few who woulda been fine with taking RR 1rst rd. How we got him in the 2nd Ill never know, its like the NFL wanted us to dominate or something. Physical WR with deceptive speed and good with chance at great route running. solid hands. good YAC...he had "ethic" issues or whatever...havent seen anything to support that yet.
    He really does have the ceiling of being a true #1. We could very well have 3 #1 WR's by seasons end in Cruz, Nicks, and RR...

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