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Thread: 9 Defensive tackles on roster, How many make the cut?

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    Quote Originally Posted by DT2012 View Post
    I don't care which 5 DT's make the cut as long as those 5 make the middle of that D-Line impossible to run against. I want them drawing double teams so our pass rushers can do their thing. I look forward to see how Big John Hankins is going to do. In reality all that matter is that our DT rotation is able to stuff the run this year and keep blockers off our LBers.
    what are LBers?
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    Quote Originally Posted by slipknottin View Post
    Kuhn may very well start the season on PUP.

    Parker and okam are not anything special.

    That's 6 right there

    Someone will get injured in preseason and get put on IR, and that gives you your final five.
    That about covers it!

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    Quote Originally Posted by fansince69 View Post
    what are LBers?
    Oh no are you another one of the we should have drafted a Linebacker in the draft guys. Cause personally other than improvement of our D-Line in the middle I would have gone for another Cornerback befor a LBer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fansince69 View Post
    what are LBers?
    Something we used to have, long, long ago.

    Thanks for the easy set up!
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    Quote Originally Posted by GiantsFan27 View Post
    jenkins, hankins, and linval are the 3 that are definitely making the cut

    i think austin stays because the giants still want to see what he can do if he puts it together.

    then it's between shaun rogers and mike patterson to compete for that 5th spot if we keep 5 DT's on the roster.

    and markus kuhn will most likely be on pup until week 6 i believe?
    Going on the premise that they will keep 5, I think you nailed it. Wouldn't be surprised if they only kept 4, it will be difficult to sneak an extra guy in if they are going to keep 3 QBs. Austin is treading on some thin ice!

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