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    What Can Giants Expect From Jason Pierre-Paul in 2013?


    Excerpt: "What can the New York Giants expect from defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul in 2013? Much has been made of Pierre-Paul's decline in quarterback sacks from 16.5 during his All-Pro 2011 season to 6.5 during a good, but not dominant, 2012 season.

    Where will Pierre-Paul's numbers fall in 2013?
    Pro Football Focus analyst Ben Stockwell recently took at look at Pierre-Paul's work the past two seasons and concluded that JPP "is an elite edge defender but not an elite pass rusher."Stockwell contends that Pierre-Paul is a better inside pass rusher (one pressure for every 26.5 rushes to the inside) than outside (one pressure every 31.5 pass rushes). In 2011, Stockwell reported that Pierre-Paul had an outside pressure once every 24.5 rushes. He writes:

    Part of what lets Pierre-Paul down in regard to really maximizing inside pressure is his ability to consistently get outside of opposing pass protectors. In simple terms, he can’t get outside of pass protectors frequently enough to force them to over-compensate to that outside pass rush, opening up the inside moves. The most efficient inside pass rushers almost all get pressure to the outside of pass protectors at a far better rate than Pierre-Paul manages. That Pierre-Paul only averaged outside pressure once per game this season, and only converted three of sixteen pressures into a hit or sack on the quarterback, tells the story of a pass rusher who lacked that burst to really threaten the corner and worry tackles about reaching him. In 2011 Pierre-Paul had far better balance in his pass rush. It was the outside sacks and hits that were missing from his game this past season.

    Valentine's View:
    Perhaps the fact that Pierre-Paul spent so much more time on the left side where my belief is he is less natural affected his burst to the outside. With Osi Umenyiora gone to the Atlanta Falcons via free agency perhaps Pierre-Paul will spend more time on the right side in 2013. Last season, Pierre-Paul spent only 57.9 percent of his time at right defensive end." Read more...

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    he has the talent. What I expect is a smarter, more seasoned player who really gets the scheme and takes advantage of it....
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    15 sacks or bust

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    Some really good battles with Trent Williams, Tyron Smith, and Lane Johnson

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    I think maybe his rookie season came to easy and he took last year for granted. Hopefully he will come out fired up, smarter and better prepared in 2013.

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    any OT that goes up against him understands his talent level. ppl act like bc we won the sb in 2011 that jpp was done developing as a player...he is still so raw in terms of what he can become. last yr was a needed part of his evolution imho, and i think he'll show why this yr when he handles double teams with more success.

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    I don't know what to make of him. At this point I don't think he's worth an enormous contract. He has to show me something this coming season in order for me to think he'd be worth it. Show me that his rookie season wasn't just a fluke.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ntegrase96 View Post
    Some really good battles with Trent Williams, Tyron Smith, and Lane Johnson
    That's a tough group..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ntegrase96 View Post
    Some really good battles with Trent Williams, Tyron Smith, and Lane Johnson
    Can't wait to see more of this:

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    He is a monster against the run and still a very good pass rusher. This is why the beefed up he DL. Instead of him switching around keep him on the right and get better play on the left and middle.

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