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Thread: QB Everett Golson gone from Notre Dame

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    Quote Originally Posted by BlueSanta View Post
    I never thought much of him as a QB.

    No idea what this kid did, but I am happy to see ND stand behind their rules and principles. Too many Colleges let their players do as they please.

    lol its not like they completely covered up a rape or anything. rules and principles my ***.

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    Quote Originally Posted by amukamerica View Post
    lol its not like they completely covered up a rape or anything. rules and principles my ***.
    I am no ND fan, keep that in mind. In fact, I am often very critical of them and the overabundance of hype their players garner(ask most here.)

    I am completely aware of that scandal and I am also aware of the huge problem with rape on campuses across the nation.

    But, ND has never been accused of "covering up" any rape and in fact no charges were ever brought forth in either case you are referring to. Most of the criticism in these stories has been surrounding the media for choosing to report the te'o Hoax story over the alleged rape cases. However, as I said, neither case was ever substantiated in any way and in fact both investigations were dropped because of substantial differences between the evidence, the witness reports, and the victim reports.

    In light of that, I choose to believe people are innocent until proven guilty. I do not believe allegations should be a reason to punish a player.

    As to the matter at hand, which is Gholston:

    I do not see how ND asking Gholston to leave for some Violation of School rules, after leading his team to the National Championship game as a freshman, can be described as anything other than sticking to their principles.

    No matter what else happened in the past, this is an example of discipline and principles. It is something ALL major College Football programs(including ND) need more of.

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