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Thread: I have to admit, Tiki Should be praised for what he said about Eli

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    I have to admit, Tiki Should be praised for what he said about Eli

    Look, I was mad when Tiki left his wife and went crazy but was his remarks about Eli really a bad thing? Eli was a joke before his big play. Eli was a funny guy. I remember when he use to throw bad balls then go to the sideline with that goofy look on his face. He got mad at one player cause the player made a mistake, yet Eli threw an ints on the next play. The player Eli got mad at should got on his case. I was joking on the last part though.

    Yet something happened after those comments Tiki made. I think Tiki tried to feul the desire in Eli. Eli needed somebody to tell him that his play needed to improved inorder to be a leader. Harooni, I apalogize to you about liking Tiki. I was in the wrong and forgave Tiki for being the person he was. Thank you Tiki for telling that use to be stupid qb that he didn't play like a leader but like a sucka. Remember Eli always look downward when Former Giant Shockey was in his face talking about why you didn't throw me the ball. Yet Breese got on Shockey's behind when Shockey was with the Saints. Now Eli doesn't play that mess and doesn't look goofy any more. I believe that Tiki had a part in it. Oh and he maybe threw our coach under the bus as well but Coughlin was a meany who did overwork the players and the players admit that Coughlin was too mean. Coughlin changed as well so I also thank Tiki for that as well. Without Tiki's remarks and the playrs complaining, they wanted to play for our Superbowl coaching coach.

    Many people should be grateful that Tiki said bad things about Eli. They was not made to throw Eli under the bus but to feul Eli. To make Eli say Oh yeah well watch me.

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    u do realize his first yr as the starter with an offseason as the guy/no competition, we went 11-5 right? and we havent looked back yet. hes thrown for at least 3k and 20 td every yr hes been the ful time starter...granted he wasnt at the level hes @ now when he first came into the league, but his play now is absolutely a progression and culmination of all those yrs...i never thought he was a joke and knew, bc of his play, he would 1 day be what he is today...and thats not bs, i said it millions of times here when it was crazy(crazier i guess) to do so

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    eli didnt warrant tikis behavior AT ALL and tiki was 1000% wrong. eli would be who he is today whether tiki said tha or not

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    Eli was always driven. What tiki said made no difference to Eli's success or failure.

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    Eli said the Giants got the best quarterback in the draft after they traded for him.

    I've never questioned his drive.

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    Tiki had no intentions of fueling the fire in Eli. His only intention was to bash Eli. If he thought he would be a motivator he would've stayed and reaped the reward of a Super Bowl win. I have no doubt Tiki's intentions were selfish and he could probably paint it any way he wants at this point. One thing I ask from Tiki though is that he keep criticizing Eli because when he does good things seem to happen.

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    ^^^all hit the nail on the head.

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    According to Strahan Eli flipped the switch in 2007 when he sufferred the separated throwing shoulder in the loss to Dallas and played through it when it was supposed to sideline him 6-8 weeks. And it grew when he fired back at Tiki a little bit. That's when he started getting his teammates' respect.

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    Was he trying to fuel TC too then?
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    Eli has always been a good qb for us, granite in the beginning he made some really stupid mistakes, but the guy always came back and recovered. Tiki was wrong obviously, about everything eli, his career, his life. End of story.

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