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    thoughts? I thought this was very shocking. you know, you really don't fire a coach after making some kind of run in the playoffs, but apparently the team was whining hard that they wanted him out. very strange, since the team's rebuilding has finally been paying dividends the past few seasons and are just some speed and a scorer away from doing good things.

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    It surprised me. I wonder which players had his back and who didn't. Clearly this was a firing motivated by the players IMO.

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    pretty sad, and concerning. John's gone, but of all the players that have quit on the coach in sports, how many of them have went on to win titles? how many of the guys who quit on Fassel remained in 2007?

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    They said they weren't thinking of canning him. It was just how he was acting in a 24 hour span that led to his firing.

    My boss goes, "this is how it went. Torts walked into the room and said **** YOU DOLAN, GIVE ME A GOOD TEAM"

    And then Dolan fires Torts.

    Torts was a decent coach, but I just hated his dump and chase game. I want a good offensive team for the future. I hope his canning leads to a coach who has a different style of offense.

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    Really, they barely made the playoffs, got lucky with the Caps and got embarrassed by the Bruins, it was time.
    What's the word on Gretsky and Messie running the team!
    Forget the Past, Live for the Future!

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