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Thread: Grandaddy of the Sack has past.

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    Grandaddy of the Sack has past.

    Deacon Jones has died but he has left behind a legacy as great as any player in the NFL. If not for his incredible ability and creativeness the play we all love as Giants fans wouldn't have as great a meaning. Because of him D-lineman like JPP, Tuck, Osi, evern pass rushing LBs like LT wouldn't be know as great SACK artist. Thank you Deacon.


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    God Bless you Deacon. Rest In Peace, and enjoy your great reward. I'm sure George Allen was right there meeting him at the those pearly gates.

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    Sack is probably my favorite football term. I love watching them. Except of course if its eli the one getting sacked lol. R.I.P. deacon jones.

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