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    Who to start at Flex - Week 3

    Probably won't get any hits in such short notice, but need some advice for my Flex spot in a standard league. The options are:

    WR Sterling Shephard vs Wsh
    RB LeGarrette Blount vs Hou
    WR Travis Benjamin vs Ind

    They could all possibly have big games. Blount will probably get a lot of carries, but with a 3rd string rookie RB he's going to see 8 in the box. Benjamin has the most upside vs an injury filled Ind secondary. Especially considering that he's going to be River's primary target most of the game, but I also have M. Gordon(RB) and I dislike starting multiple players from the same team. Shephard's been solid and should get some really nice looks against Washington.

    It's just really hard to pick one out of the 3.

    Any advice?

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    definitely Benjamin

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    Actually I guess Blount would have been the play here in retrospect lol

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    Throw Gronk in there

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