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Thread: Fantasy finals

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    Fantasy finals

    Some real money at stake in my fantasy finals and I dont have my 1pick in beckum. I think im cursed. Doesnt the nfl know this is finals week? Couldnt wait 1 week? Geesh

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    I still made the finals in one of my leagues despite my whole backfield either going on IR (Bell, Lewis) or being phased out of the offense (Murray). I do have a similar problem in a bigger money league (200 dollar buy in) though. In that situation, I have Martavis Bryant, Brandin Cooks, and Tyler Lockett as the other WRs though.
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    Made the finals in my league. Injuries piled up at rb last week, two ended up on ir. I got brady as my qb and loaded at WR so I think I'm good

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