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Thread: If the giants were to blow out a division rival- who would you want it to be?

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    Quote Originally Posted by joemorrisforprez View Post
    Used to be the Eagles, but I'm leaning back towards the Redskins now, mainly because their owner is a complete D-Bag.

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    Whoever our biggest rival is that particular year.

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    I hope they blow out all three...but if I had my druthers I hope it's at least 2......#1 Dallas....only because of what Jerry Jones said last year telling the fans to come out and watch them kick the Giants @sses.....and #2 the skins (I hate the eagles the most though), because I am sick of Skins fans thinking that RG3 walks on water. It's sickening...when was the last time you heard us at Giants stadium yelling ELI!! ELI!!!...ELI!!.....PULLEEEZZZZEEE.....
    I miss Red Hook

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