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    Quote Originally Posted by jintsfan666 View Post
    Not gonna try to hide my feelings. If we wind up next to last in the division it won't be unbearable so long as Dallas is last.
    I just don't see this happening barring any key injuries. We should be right there with the Skins this year.

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    I'm surprised most of you guys are picking the Eagles, To me it changes every year and this year it's the Redskins cause they are the new Eagles. That team already think they got this won and I hate their fans, RG3, and not to mention their ******bag owner.

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    Dallas by a tiny margin over the others.

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    I hate everyone equally.

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    Whoever we're competing with for the division title at the end of the season.

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    The Redskins

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    Quote Originally Posted by BigBlue wins View Post
    I say Eagles, because I really, really despise that organization. And I'm not even a hateful person. I hate their fans, their city, their players.

    Well, I'm all out of haterade now.

    Eff the Eagles!

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    There is no team in the NFL that I despise more than the Eagles. I detest the Cowboys with all of my might, but Philly is on another level.

    With all of that said, given the current circumstances and "media buzz," there's nothing I'd like to see more this year than for the Giants to kick the ever living **** out of Washington.
    I bELIeve in February 1, 2015.

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    Am I the l only one that thinks griffin will go the way of newton this year? If the skins do well, it's going to be due to morris

    Quote Originally Posted by ChuckKnoxx View Post
    Whatever [Tom Quinn] says to keep a near decade long job has to be truly inspirational for him not to be working at IKEA right now.

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