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Thread: Mark Herzlich On Fast Track To Become Giants' Starting MLB

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    If he doesn't get the job this year, I don't think he ever will. It's your time Mark, go get it.

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    Herzlich was so bad last year, it is hard to imagine that he could have improved enough to be an NFL quality starter.

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    I just hope he is the frontrunner because of what he has shown, not because none of the other candidates are just as bad or worse than he was last year. I really do hope he becomes the feel-good story we thought he might be when he became a Giant.
    My goal had been to win a championship, work toward the Hall of Fame, have my jersey retired by the team and I`d go in as a lifelong New York Giant, but I`m now resigned to the fact that this won`t happen. -- Michael Strahan, just when you think you're down...

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    Caption should read "herzlich starting MLB by default "

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    Being the only returning MLB on the roster it shouldn't come as a huge surprsie that he plays with the first team in OTA. Curry and Conner are just begining to pick uo the defense. Once they do, Herz will probably drop back to second or third team. This is a feel good story about nothing. If he starts in the third or fourth pre-season game, then maybe it's something to take note of.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eliscruzzz View Post
    Great story for this kid but the way he played last year makes me nervous about our linebackers this year.
    +1. I wish that I could see this as the glass being half full, but I don't.

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    I'd take Rivers, Curry, Connors over Herz! Unless he has an epiphany, I'd pass!

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    hey, def. fair bear.

    but i still am holding out hope that these guys become the players envisioned when drafted/in college.

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    and Herz, imo, while he obviously struggled, he did have some plays where he flashed some nice skill/talent. i go back to the GB or Philly game @ home irrc, Herz blew up the LOS on a blitz, got into the backfield immediately and forced a quick throw. the pass was completed iirc, but i still noticed the athleticism Herz had. he hurdled the LOS and was in the backfield before the QB finished his drop back.

    I also remember a few plays where Herz dropped off into coverage and showed some instincts.

    im ultimately saying that he's shown me enough flashes to hold out hope he puts it all together.

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    That just shows you haw bad our MLB situation really is. This kid may have been a great MLB before cancer. But he is terrible now. He looked terrible last year. Im just not sold. Blackburn can still start over him if we had him
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