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Thread: Willis McGahee

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    He's one of the best RB's today, but we couldn't afford him and we've got Wilson and Brown. Plus, we have some WR's to pay.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eliscruzzz View Post
    If the price is right HELL YEAH!!! He is an underrated back and would be a good backup plan if Brown gets hurt again. I'd rather have him then Torrain.
    No beef here but what do you really know about Torrain . "Truck Stick Torrain" is goin be a fan fave in no time

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    I'm not sure he fits here....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Morehead State View Post
    I was really thinking we were going to get through the day without a...... "should we sign Willis McGahee"... thread.

    That's what I get for being an optimist.

    In a word...........NO!!!!!!!!
    The only answer to this thread!

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    Quote Originally Posted by UKAnt14 View Post
    But Willis is a good player? We're heading into the season without a real veteran RB on our roster and very little reliability.

    Wilson is into is second year - whose to see his fumbling issues don't come back?

    Brown hasn't proven he can last a full season

    Torain can't stay healthy, Scott hasn't done much at all and Cox hasn't had much playing time at college.

    Although I'm excited about Wilson and Brown next year, I can't help but think it's a risk. If Wilson was to go down Week 1, I don't know whether we'd be that dominant with, say, Brown and Da'Rel Scott as our two RB's.
    If Wilson were to go down and Brown stays healthy I am very confident that we will still have a very dominant running game. Brown has gotten no respect since coming into the NFL and if Bradshaw had not missed time last year we probably would have dropped Brown at the end of the season but he did come in and showed that not only can he carry the load but he can do it brutally. Sadly he got injured and they were working Bradshaw back in anyhow. If our line can open up some holes and if they give Eli time to throw, with the receivers we have this year?...I am confident all of our backs would be able to shine if given the opportunity. McGahee, Bradshaw, Jacobs, and any other unsigned RB out there have all had issues with playing a full season so I would rather roll the dice with the dudes we have. That being said McGahee is bad *** and that guy is going to land somewhere and tear it up. The Giants are already all bad assed up at RB.

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