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Thread: Flaws/things Eli can do to improve

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    Quote Originally Posted by Providence View Post
    I think the delay of game penalty issue is becoming a bit of an urban legend. I don't have the stats on it and could obviously be quite wrong. However, I am wondering if folks are making too much of this potential issue because of Eli's tendency to let the clock get to :01 and then snap it. Eli does that constantly. When he let's it tick down to :01, we as fans get very anxious, start screaming at the TV and may even throw objects at the screen. Of course, he does indeed snap the ball, so there is no delay of game, but we are left mighty frustrated.

    I know he has gotten delay of games and I know he will get more in the future, but I am curious if he has any more than the typical QB. I would wager he doesn't and that we are assuming he does because of our dislike of him letting the clock go to :01, which again, as frustrating as it can be, does not draw a flag.

    But again, I don't have the black and white stats on which QB's get the most delay of games, so perhaps I am wrong....
    you may be right and in my reponse I mentioned them getting flagged what I really meant to say is they burn unecessary time outs due to the clock winding down to 0. They do that too often...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Drez View Post
    His placement in '11 was excellent for the most part, and not as much in '12.
    Eli was unbelievable in 2011. He did everything right.

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