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Thread: Pick your scenerio as an opposing team

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stoneroses6300 View Post
    Like this thread idea.

    As a defense of opposing team:

    Stop the run game so we don't get torched in the passing game.
    I think I would do the opposite and stop the passing game and make the Giants beat me on the ground. They haven't done that the last couple of years. I wouldn't worry so much about the 3 yard gains, etc. It's Eli and the big chunks of yardage he is capable of getting that would worry me. I would like to get to the quarterback, but Eli has been unshakable. I think the more important thing to do to Eli than getting him on the ground would be to get him moving, though he is able to Brett Favre it.

    I would put effort into stopping Cruz and Nicks and not worry so much about Murphy and Randle until they prove otherwise.

    Offensively against the Giants I would test their middle with running backs, tight ends and slot receivers and once the middle is softened up I would start hitting them on the outside. If...and that is a big IF...they adjust again to stop the outside then go back to the inside against them. Try to have them make constant adjustments and cause hesitation on any type of pass rush by...here it comes....a few draws or option plays.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TheEnigma View Post
    Top CB goes on Nicks. Preferably, he will also be the most physical of the group. He will also receive safety help over the top from someone who is excellent on taking angles.

    I want a smaller but more 'loose' CB on Cruz that can keep up with his shiftiness. He will receive help from the weakside LB so Cruz can't get too much YAC.

    Murphy is a receiver you might have to give a small cushion to. Allow the offense to get small completions to him every now and then BUT prevent the big play. Randle is a different monster but he needs to prove that he can beat you while you have Nicks and Cruz doubled.

    The strong safety should be adequate against any of our TEs 1v1 and while he may lose some snaps, none of them should really abuse him thoroughly.

    The run game of the Giants is the weaker poison to deal with (as of this time) than the pass game so I would dare the Giants to run the ball or to throw to the 3rd receiver/TE. Eli has a tendency to give his top two receivers a chance to make plays so your defensive backs will need to get a turnover or two to really contribute to a win.

    That's my uneducated opinion!
    nice post as always enigma but i get where the OP is coming from. RR abused Namdi 1v1 on the perimeter week 17. i have faith he'll be doing a whole lotta that this yr, especially with the rave reviews coming out on him so far.

    and really JR has done an immaculate job on the offense. somehow the defense has more invested into it, which is baffling when u look at the offensive talent at the skill positions and eli. but yeah, the great thing, when Murphys on the field, honestly, I'd line him up out of the slot tbh, bc as u said corners HAVE to give him a cushion. and, when we run that slot option route, it'll be like taking candy from a baby. the second the corner has to start cheating up, murphy blows past him.

    and with myers, i dont know if i read it right, but i believe he didnt have any catches of a pass 20 yds or more in the air. meaning, i believe he will be used as the ultimate check down type TE ala Witten with some downfield stuff sprinkled in when the D starts cheating up.

    and the great thing about all that above, i didnt even mention nicks or cruz, or the run game. led by eli, our O should be top 5

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    The way to stop this offense is use the same basic game plan BB used in Superbowl XXV. Punish the receivers for making catches. Don't try to line up just one corner on any specific receiver.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FishinTheSalt View Post
    Toad, did you read past the title? Who do you put your top guy against us on, Murphy Nicks or Cruz. I agree our defense has been swiss cheese recently, wasn't the point of the thread.By the way, love your sig!
    The point is our offense, when it's really on, is too powerful to handle (like the pats)... beating our offense basically falls down to a prayer that Eli will have an off day (that's really the only thing that separates us from the Pats offense at this point). You have to do the grind game against their defense. Fast and flashy won't beat the Giants unless you're incredibly lucky, or you're Brees or Rodgers looking to get into a shootout...

    You asked for how I would game plan for the Giants. That's how I would do it. There's no sense in assigning your best man to one receiver. You could see in the 2011 towards the end of the regular season and the playoffs how if you focused coverage on one receiver, the others had a big day. Assign Revis to Nicks, Cruz breaks out the 99 yard TD. Same deal with the Cowboys. Then the Falcons and Packers focus on Cruz, leaving Nicks to score big, followed by the Niners focusing on Nicks and leaving Cruz with the one-on-one with Carlos Rogers, whom he consistently abused play after play. Belicheck was the only one who was somewhat able to lock down both, but it left Manningham open consistently, and we can get a better WR3 out of Randle/Murphy than Manningham ever was (for this offense anyway, since precise route running is so important).
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    I'm Commander Shepard, and this is my favorite team in the NFL.

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