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Thread: Andre Brown will emerge as the starting RB........Wilson has a lot to learn

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    I hope they both stay healthy and perform well enough that come December, people are still arguing about which should be No. 1.

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    Oh, Jakk Jakk Jakk.......I've shaken my head at so many of your posts over the years that my head now rattles!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by BlueSanta View Post
    If all goes well nobody will care who is the "starter". Just like nobody cared who was the "starter" and who was the "Backup" when Jacobs and Bradshaw were at their best.
    I disagree. We always knew who our main guy was at all times.

    Not saying both won't be asked to contribute in a big way. I just think we'll always know who our #1 is, and he'll get many more chances than the next guy.

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    As Arnold would say, "what you talkin' bout Willis?".

    Wilson will be the number 1 and Brown will be the number 2. The only question at this point is who the number 3 will be. Only if our number 1 and/or 2 get hurt will I concede that Brown or our number 3 will be the starter.

    Wilson had one fumble that almost everyone remembers. After that he ran well and caught well. Brown, on the other hand, got hit with the injury bug again.
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    I doubt it. DW got his body in condition to be an everydown back and a capable blocker on 3rd downs for a reason. he added 10 lbs iirc specifically for that. ur gonna eat ur words on this...kinda...bc of ur opinion of DW moreso than AB bc i too feel he will make a case to be a starting back in the league...

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    I just hope Brown can stay healthy. When healthy, he is a very good RB.

    And I'm excited to see Wilson too. The kid has definitely packed on some muscle.

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    Thunder & Lightning, Lightning & Thunder, doesn't really matter which comes first. We need them both and they are both great backs. With Wilson possibly doing KR and PR, they very well may start AB.

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    Wilson is our starter and will astonish you.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gimaniac View Post
    Thunder & Lightning, Lightning & Thunder, doesn't really matter which comes first. We need them both and they are both great backs. With Wilson possibly doing KR and PR, they very well may start AB.
    I don't think Wilson is going to get return duties since he would be, at the very least, a 1a or 1b position... It's going to fall to a competition between Murphy, Jernigan, Ross, Scott, and Cox as to who gets the KR and PR labels...

    TC is very fond of using the two-back system, with one shifty back and one power back. Granted, I think he was a little spoiled for a while when both Jacobs and Bradshaw were in their prime (since Bradshaw actually had a good amount of power for himself), but it's a no-brainer that Wilson will be the shifty back and Brown the power back... both getting significant touches, both contributing greatly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TCHOF View Post
    100% correct.

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