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Thread: Giants Want Prince To Be "More Of A Professional," Become Defensive Leader

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    I think the fact that you have a Giants corner in Thomas saying some of these things substantiates it a bit.

    Even then, I'd like to see his interview in its entirety rather than some fragmented quotes. It can even sound almost as if Thomas and Webster are trying to expedite his progress as a player beyond the field as if they know their time in NY could be limited. I don't know what more Thomas was asking as a player if he acknowledged that Prince had a great game against the pass and run unless he wants that to translate to others in order to be commendable. Again, so many directions you can run off with.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Buddy333 View Post
    Prince should be himself. He doesn't need to change. He just needs to play the game well.
    Bingo....always be who you are. He really is a quiet and humble guy who's as much into his faith as Tebow but just doesn't wear it on his sleave. He's a very no-nonsense kind of guy, his twitter description says: family, faith, football. I definitely have no problem with him not acting like Rolle since that's just who he is (not to mention he's better on the field). Look at his old interviews on youtube, he's very timid and softspoken.

    I'm actually surprised by his recent statement about wanting to be the best in the NFL, doesn't sound like something he would say. But if he continues his improvement at his position he could become a great CB and earn his lockerroom respect on the field.

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    I think attitude is important at CB. I don't think TT was issuing a personal critique, rather he was pointing out the things that might result in improved performance on the field. If he is going to be an elite CB he will need to take ownership of his ability.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Toadofsteel View Post
    Kinda sounds like a young Eli Manning... soft spoken, but on the field is tremendous.
    Yeah Eli had problems w/veteran players early own. Which delayed his progress. Prince is not from another land, so all this new to him (rookie year) being around professional grown men. He was catered to in his country--not happening here. I believe he will be fine as long as he can remain healthy. He's own the right path, but TT coming out making that public could be good, so let's see how he responds.

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    As one great poster said " Prince is no leader"

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    He leads by example. He is better than TT was. Prince should never take what he or Rolle said seriously.

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    maybe Prince IS socially akward. Many people are and not just a little but in a clinical sense as a diagnosis of a problem.
    I couldnt careless if he becomes a leader or not. The main thing is he plays great and works hard....
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    Quote Originally Posted by GameTime View Post
    maybe Prince IS socially akward. Many people are and not just a little but in a clinical sense as a diagnosis of a problem.I couldnt careless if he becomes a leader or not. The main thing is he plays great and works hard....
    Seriously. He played well last year and it was only his second season. That after missing most of his rookie season.

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    Isn't Prince from a foreign country? I don't expect this guy to be not baffled by his surroundings.

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