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    excited about big hank

    hope this guy can get on the field this year!


    When a nickname like “Big Hank” precedes you, people picture a mound of a football player there to clog the middle.

    While Johnathan Hankins is that, the defensive tackle is also much more. He proved it in college, and now he’s out to do it again on the big stage. But first, the Giants’ second-round draft pick has to prove it on the practice field, which he continued to do during this week’s minicamp.

    “That I was not just a big guy,” the Ohio State product said about what he wanted to prove from day one with the Giants.

    “I can move, I can pass rush, and I can be a factor out there. With the schemes that they’ve got now, they’ve got me basically playing what I was in college – a little end, a little inside, so pretty much everywhere on the line. I’m just learning all the positions and the plays.”

    Last season, under orders from first-year head coach Urban Meyer, Hankins slimmed down to 320 pounds -- his current weight -- during the Buckeyes’ 12-0 campaign in 2012, enabling him to remain on the field for 85.7 percent of snaps on defense.

    In addition to building the stamina to play all downs, Hankins also received a jumpstart on NFL tutelage.

    Mike Vrabel, the former outside linebacker who won three Super Bowls with the Patriots, took over as Meyer’s defensive line coach in 2012. He previously coached the linebackers at OSU in 2011, the year he retired from the NFL.

    Now Giants defensive line coach Robert Nunn is picking up where Vrabel left off.

    “It was an honor for [Vrabel] to coach us, seeing him play in the NFL and winning Super Bowls,” Hankins said. “He really brought the physical standpoint to the defensive line. He was very, ‘Never let an offensive lineman dictate or get their hands on you.’ He really stressed more technique and hands, and I’m trying to carry that on here. I know that’s what coach Nunn stresses, too. I’m in a good place.”

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    yeah I def agree with this article. I said shortly after we drafted him he actually has teh versatility to play all along the DL. he actually has some pretty shocking quickness/agility for a man his size. he's very wilfork like in that regard. theres a lot to love about this kid, hes got a lot of upside. Im hoping he can turn into a Ngata type player for us.

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    HANK THE TANK!!!!!

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    Mr. Hankins the Christmas Poo!!!
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    I think he's going to be good. It gets us younger at the DT position and him and Joseph clogging the middle should slowed down the run. I hope.

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    i think its telling looking back, how different team boards are than fan guesses. i didnt really hear much about hank at all, even pugh. Moore, who was prob one of the more discussed prospects, ended up being taken in the 3rd. a lot of the corners people liked on here, like banks iirc, ended up goin in the 6th. another guy, taylor cooper iirc his name, was a huge unknown.
    going back to the draft before this last one, a.robinson went in the 4th...just pointing out that the FO/coaches should know 1000x more than us about prospects.

    but yeah everything ive read on hankins is he has great upside while being able to contribute in run D pretty much right away (used in the roataion)...wouldnt surprise me if he has a big yr as far as rookies on our team go.

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    Seems like the biggest knock on him last year was that he wore down at the end of games. Well he is 320 pounds and probably played more downs than he will in the pros.

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    Love this pick as soon as I saw it. Hank will be the MAN in the middle. While everybody on this board was crying about not drafting a LB I was popping champagne. I have been waiting for us to get a a true run stuffing DT for the longest.

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    Quote Originally Posted by B&RWarrior View Post
    Love this pick as soon as I saw it. Hank will be the MAN in the middle. While everybody on this board was crying about not drafting a LB I was popping champagne. I have been waiting for us to get a a true run stuffing DT for the longest.
    I was crying , but Big Hank has grown on me as the pick and I'm very excited about him (JR does value LBs anyway)

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    Yes, I'm sure he'll be a good player in 2014; because he probably won't get on the field in 2013. Coughlin won't like the way he ties his shoes or something.

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