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    Re: Why The Cowboys Will Win (and why it doesn't matter)

    [quote user="Rustler"]I take it back....this game is suddenly starting to matter a LOT to me (at least in my Fantasy League). To give you an idea, I had Drew Brees, Mark Stafford, Jordy Nelson, Rob Gronkoski on my team and they racked up huge points. Baltimore still playing with Ray Rice/defense on my team. That leaves Felix Jones, Victor Cruz, Dan Bailey - if they put in halfway-decent performances I could end up with season-high points and win $1K. Go Cruz...Go Jones!! (and let Bailey kick a couple of 50yd field goals to boot)[/quote]</P>


    Mark Stafford? Go away you shouldnt be here, your high or drunk or just intellectually challenged. I cant believe i actually responded to this at all.</P>

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    Re: Why The Cowboys Will Win (and why it doesn't matter)

    [quote user="gmen46"][quote user="Ntegrase96"]Things that favor the Cowboys.

    -Everything you've stated. The Cowboys play better without expectations.
    -Run game should be important, and although the Giants run game has come on a bit strong, I'd say the Cowboys are still better at running the ball and stopping the run.
    -The Giants aren't very good at home. 3-4 And the 3 wins they have honestly weren't the most impressive wins (although the most impressive win came last week).
    -DeMarcus Ware and the pass rush. Ware's back to being healthy now. To add to that, DeMarcus Ware has 13 of his 18 sacks on the road. I attribute it to the turf at Cowboys Stadium. His speed rush suffers because seemingly there's lack of traction and coming around the edge of the tackles he usually slips.
    -The Giants defense is just as unclutch as the Cowboys defense.


    Fair points, as you usually have.

    Counterpoint---Things that favor Giants:

    -Healthy Osi
    -Healthy Tuck
    -Cowboys have a league monster in Ware, true, but
    -Giants have JPP, Tuck, Osi
    -Prince won't be solo on Austin, like last game v Cowboys
    -Bradshaw for 4 qtrs, not just 2, this game
    -And, did I say ELI?[/quote]
    I believe you said eli thrice,
    must be your old age

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    Re: Why The Cowboys Will Win (and why it doesn't matter)

    I meant Matthew Stafford....

    anyways, turned out to be a case of what-if's tonight...like if Bailey had made that 52 yard field goal before half, I would have made high season score (or if Jones had scored 1 TD). Cruz certainly did his part.

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    Re: Why The Cowboys Will Win (and why it doesn't matter)

    laurent robinson's salsa dance looks like ****...and that's why CRUZ schooled your soft *** 2ndary.

    but respect to the boys, **** in the booties to the eagirls

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