Celebrate in the clubhouse or in the dugout....... but not at home plate as though you just won a one game playoff for a trip to the playoffs!
Being a professional athlete means more than being on a major league club, it also means that you understand how to act appropriately when you're a bad team, squeezing out a victory in a meaningless game, that does nothing to advance you in the standings.....or make your horrible season any easier to stomach.
That over the top, pie in the face celebration was just as immature and unprofessional as anything Jordany Valdespin has been criticized by his teammates for doing!
A team that allowes 2 runs to score on multiple errors off the same infield hit, has no right to celebrate the way they did, or act insulted by anyone criticizing them for it.

And on a side note.....when are they going to STOP calling Home Runs "walk off "Home Runs??? There is no such thing as a "walk off" Home run because you don't WALK OFF after you hit it!