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This is a frequent--on this board--statement regurgitated every time the issue of Eli's clutch factor is raised, and it is irrelevant every time. And just plain ridiculous.

Your statement can be raised about every QB comeback.

Yet do you say the same thing about Montana and all his comebacks? About Peyton and Brady) comeback ability? About Elway and Marino when they had thrilling comeback games? About Unitas? All of these QBs (and a few others throughout history) have been, and continue to be, praised by anyone you can think of--players, ex players, coaches, pundits, fans, HOF writer-voters--for their extraordinary "comeback ability". Which of these QBs would you say had their comebacks in games that they were more than adequate in the first half?

This ability is in fact highly regarded in the select few QBs who are good at it throughout their career. And Eli--only at mid career so far--is include in this select group. There's a reason for that.

Because all players are human. Because football is a team sport and sometimes other components come up short for a while. Because most pro football games have an ebb and flow to them. Because pro football is not like college ball where superior teams routinely play drastically inferior teams to vastly lopsided scores and total number of points can impact post season positioning.

And because of these facts of pro football life, it is impressive (and highly valued) when the QB can not only lead the team to overcome earlier deficiencies, but can do it repeatedly and can do it in big games as well.
To be honest I agree with most of what you say...and on the surface makes a lot of sense.....but what my eyes tell me is when Eli is bad he can be really bad....and yet still finds a way to make his comeback....makes it seem all the more dramatic.........other OBs...the good ones the hof guys have bad halves ....my eyes tell me not as often and never seem like AS bad as some of the stuff ELI does....I am really glad you guys ...love Eli ...I love him myself and love having him as my QB.........I love the fact that he can bury himself in the first half and was thoughtful enough to bring a shovel with him to dig himself out in the 2nd ....but to be honest it would be nice to just have a lead and play from ahead once in a while.....IT just seems like we are ALWAYS playing from behind....you do realize that just because I find small things wrong with eli....I am still rooting for him right?