Let me say that I'm assuming we're going to win on Sunday vs the S***boys:

Round 1:
1. David DeCastro: G-Stanford- DeCastro is a crushing run blocker with a mean streak. IMO he's the best interior OL to enter the draft in a long time. He would start day 1 opposite Snee and immediately upgrade our pathetic running game.

2. Vontaze Burfict: ILB-ASU- I love the idea of "the Punnisher" in the middle of our front 7. If he can a. Cover in the pass game, I'm not sure if he's a 3 down LB and b. knock off the stupid penalties!

3. Dont'a Hightower: ILB-Alabama- Very similar to Burfict, but without the stupid penalties. He's the leader of one of the best college defense I've ever seen!

Round 2:
1. Dwayne Allen: TE-Clemson- Great all around TE, that would quickly become a favorite target for Eli and improve our run blocking dramatically at the TE position.

2. Lavonte David: OLB- Nebraska- This guy is one of my favorites in this draft... Just watch Nebraska play and listen to how often his name gets called. He makes play after play, all over the field,

3. Zac Brown OLB- UNC- Highly athletic OLB that will blow up the combine! He is also a sneaky good pass rusher from the LB position and also a great coverage LB.

Round 3:
1. LaMichael James RB- Oregon- Speed, Vision and a big play waiting to happen. Something we don't have in our backfield and haven't for a long time.

2. Sean Spence OLB- Miami- First let me say, "I love LBs from the U!" then I'll qualify this possible pick by saying this is a nice pick, only if they're comfortable with him off the field!

3. Nate Potter T/G- Boise St.- probably not a Day 1 starter, but his ability to play almost every position on the O-line and play them well, creates much more depth on the OL.

If you told me I could choose any 3 player combination of these 9 players today, I would be extatic! My number 1 combination would be:

DeCastro, Allen and Spence