[quote user="BlueSanta"]Once again, I dont get the people picking Burfict for us.

I could sit here and tell you that his tape this year wasnt that of a 1st rounder but more of a mid round pick. But, thats subjective and could be argued.

I could tell you that throughout his career his stats are good, but not eye popping. Some people might argue that as well.

But the 1 thing I can say that NOBODY can argue is he has serious character concerns. You can love his play and think the world of his athleticism, but you just cant deny this kid is a trouble maker.

The Giants have always, especially since Goodell's tighting the conduct policy, avoided* troublemakers in early rounds. It is a policy I agree with since player conduct has never before effected the outcome of a game as much as it has in recent years with all the penalties and suspensions being handed out to players for bad conduct. Furthermore, players with a lack of self control dont mix well with NYC's nightlife or the media, who like to bait you into saying stuff that gets you in trouble.

Sorry folks, I think there is little chance we pick Burfict.



I don't disagree with you entirely... I would rather see Luke Kuechley, assuming he's entering the draft, but we'd have to trade up to make that happen. Ultimately I don't see our front office pulling the trigger on a LB in the first round anyway. My first choice would be Johnathon Martin OT- Stanford, but he's going to be a top 10 pick... So IMO DeCastro is a perfect fit and immediate improvement.

As for the LB position, my dream would be for the giants to sign Urlacher who is a free agent this year!