Excerpt: "We switch things up a bit to bring you our cornerbacks coach Peter Giunta. Giunta is a favorite to speak with because he’s very candid. We found his responses to questions about Corey Webster to be of particular interest.

Q: Jayron Hosley had a bit of a bumpy rookie year last season. Did he have too much on his plate last year that slowed him down a bit in his development as a corner?
A: No, I don’t think so. I think what happened with him, every time he started to make progress, he’d be injured and would be out 2-3 weeks, and wasn’t able to practice or compete and play in games. That’ sets you back, especially as a rookie. So take the Jets game, every time he starts to make progress, he gets hurt. Carolina game, he has a really good game making plays, and then he gets hurt. That’s unfortunate for him, so he has to learn to take care of his body better, get himself in shape and do the kind of things that he needs to do to become a more durable player because he has the talent to be a good football player at this level.

Q: Does he have a good grasp of the playbook and of the technique, you want him to play?
A: He’s learning. He’s becoming a better technician, playing inside and playing outside, so he’s developing those skills to play both the nickel and corner spot, and he got experience doing both last year. There’s a lot playing the nickel spot and the more he does it, like we discussed earlier, with the injuries, you start getting the reps you need and start gaining the experience and then suddenly you don’t have it so you only gain those 2 weeks in one spot and then you’re away from it for four. So it’s hard that way when you lose that time. You need experience to play that spot. The more experience you get, the better you’ll get. He can play any of the corner spots we need him to, so that’s huge.

Q: What are your thoughts about Corey Webster’s play last season? Is he on the decline or does he still have some gas left in the tank?
A: Corey will be better. He’s been working very hard to come back and be a better player, become more like he was more at the end of the 2011 season when we had that run and he was very consistent in his performance. And that’s what we’re looking for, for Corey to be a consistent performer for us this year.

Q: So is it safe to say that the injuries he dealt with last year were a big reason in his performance drop off or was there more to it?
A: Part of it was the injuries and part of it was my fault. I’m trying to bring Prince and Jayron along and you’re thinking, “Corey is okay,’ so you’re not devoting enough time with him as you might be with the other guys, so you’re putting it on him being the veteran to find his own way. I think maybe I kind of left Corey alone too much." Read more...